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A master presenter and storyteller, watch Sunjay in action…

The One Where Sunjay A.C.T.s

Watch as Sunjay entrances and befuddles audiences with A.C.T’s simple formula. A little goes a long way in connecting people. Allow him to show you how.

The One Where Sunjay Picks The Top Ten and Bottom Ten

Playing favorites is not just for parenting anymore! Learn how your top and bottom ten can steer the direction of your entire team.

The One Where Sunjay Got an Award!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Hall of Famer in the house! Sunjay gets inducted into the Professional’s Speaker Hall of Fame as one of the youngest ever.

The One Where They Left Sunjay Unsupervised

See what happens when you put Sunjay in a room with the leaders of tomorrow. Are there any adults in the house? Sunjay addresses 3000 youths at a leadership event.

The One Where Sunjay Addresses Audiences and Speaker Fit

Without mentioning yellow snow once, Sunjay offers insights on how to make your next event more impactful by selecting the proper speaker. There is something very charming about the brilliant dud.

The One Where Sunjay Gets Reviewed

The floor opens to audience members who share their insight and observations on Sunjay’s speaking style. Some of it is even kind!

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The Sunjay Experience Ratings

Google reviews: they’re the real deal! As much as we’d like to, we can’t control, manipulate,
or dictate what people post. These are unfiltered and unbiased.

Sunjay recently spoke at the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida in Daytona Beach, Florida. His message was inspiring as to how to motivate people and staff. His quick wit kept your attention and the time went quickly. He is a great motivator!!

Cheryl Lankford Avatar Cheryl Lankford
September 25, 2022

I attended a session in my realestate brokerage for Sunjay, he is such a enthusiastic, energetic, motivational person. The full room was so engaged till the last moment. Thank you Sunjay for your book and the method.

September 21, 2023

Sunjay is a great and hilarious speaker

Neil Gilchrist Avatar Neil Gilchrist
May 21, 2023


“I've seen Sunjay 3 times now, I've loved him virtually and in person. Inspiring, witty, and incredibly kind.”

– Ben Bonisteel, Google Review