Ask the Tough Questions

Have the courage to challenge the status quo


Why You? Why Here? Why Now?

1. Why would I hire Sunjay when there are speakers who are cheaper, younger, and better looking?

Well, Sunjay can be a cheap date, he’s really immature and his mother thinks he’s cute – when she’s looking at old pictures. If that doesn’t cut it, I could add that he’s excellent at what he does and has a long history of success. If you want high impact and relevant programming, look no further.

2. Can I count on Sunjay to be relevant, informative, and make us laugh?

Two thousand plus clients, over a million people in live programs and decades of experience say YES. And people have been laughing at him since kindergarten.

3. In his hour-long presentation will Sunjay be able to improve the morale of the team, turnaround the apathy that has existed in our organization for 30 years, double our sales in 4 weeks, and help out reduce our expenses by 50%.


However, he can work with you to resolve these deep-rooted challenges over time.

4. Does Sunjay offer gluten free, low carb or high fiber presentations?

His presentation can be customized to fit the needs of the audience

5. At which river is his van parked?

Sunjay currently does not own a van.

6. Has he had all of his shots? COVID? Rabies? Tequila?

Like Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad.

7. As a potential American client, will Sunjay use obscure references to hockey, poutine, and the metric system?

Sunjay is bilingual. He speaks English and American. He may add the occasional “u” into words (like “colour” and “labour”).

8. I’ve heard Sunjay doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. Are you sure he’s entertaining?

Sunjay is happy to live vicariously through you! 

If Sunjay’s wit resonates with you, let’s talk!

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The Sunjay Experience Ratings

Google reviews: they’re the real deal! As much as we’d like to, we can’t control, manipulate,
or dictate what people post. These are unfiltered and unbiased.

thumb Heather Riles
September 25, 2022
Sunjay presented at our Leadership Retreat for about 50 of our members. He was not only warm, engaging and funny, he was also flexible and accommodating. He was willing to adapt on the fly due to our running behind schedule, which I appreciated. He offered to be a resource for us in the future. His 10-80-10 Principal resonated with EVERYONE. All can relate to this concept and apply it to their lives both professionally and personally. We very much enjoyed his keynote!

thumb xRoofTopRefugeex
October 25, 2022
Had the pleasure of listening to Sunjay Nath at our leadership retreat for work. Wonderful speaker with lots of enthusiasm and motivation. His 10 80 10 principal was well presented and I look forward to implementing this principle throughout my personal and professional life!

thumb Lori Power
December 25, 2022
Sunjay has a way of expressing the value of culture in everyday experiences. His 10-80-10 changes the way we view our working environment, where we concentrate our time and how to move forward more productively. Thank you Sunjay


“That was one of the best keynotes I have heard.”

– Mike Lazaridis, Co-Founder of BlackBerry