Hi, I’m Sunjay.

MBA, BScE, CSP, HoF, High Commander of Palindromes

A Little More On (pun intended)
and a Little More Off

When asked to describe himself, here’s what Sunjay wrote …

“I’m a dynamic figure. My name is Sanjay, pronounced SUN-JAY. When I was nine, I could factor quadratic equations in my head, but I forgot how… after my first kiss. I’ve appeared on national television. Articles about me have been published in national magazines. I’ve represented Canada at international conferences. I’m five foot ten.

Once, I was approached by three strangers on the same day who claimed they would name their children after me. I don’t believe in magic but I’m capable of magical feats. I’ve made audiences cry from laughter, from emotion… and moo like cows. I play “Sunjay Says.” I’ve won awards in academics. I’ve won awards in athletics. I’ve won awards in the arts. But, I have never won a Ward… or been a warden. I’m certified in CPR and First Aid. I can dance… but not well. I spent time in a penitentiary… on tour. I romance. I bromance… but I’ve never been to France.

I know the difference between nowhere and nowhere. I’ve sung live with The Police. I’ve owned several businesses. I’ve written books. I’ve been asked for my autograph… I play chess.

I work well with children. I work well with youth. I work well with adults. I work well independently. I have never worked in a well. As well, I’ve visited Welland… Ontario. I’ve thrown games without telling my opponents. I’m competitive. I like to win but I don’t lose my temper … EVER! I have cents for those in need. I have a sense for fairness. I have a sense of humor. I have a great sense of agency.

I am happy. I am a father. I have traveled abroad. Sometimes I cry.

Although I’m not clairvoyant, I can hear you when you’re not talking. I’m an acute listener. I believe you can do it. I believe I can do it. I believe anyone can do it. I have a list of life goals. I will achieve them.”

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Values That Guide The Way


Walking the walk

When your inside matches your outside – that’s how you know you have integrity. I share concepts with the audience that I have incorporated in my life and have achieved tangible results.


Having energy and enthusiasm

It’s not about being caffeinated; it’s about being in the moment and being real. I’m always excited to share new ideas in the effort that it may affect audiences in a positive way. Being spirited is contagious!


Questioning everything

Seeing a different perspective is the act of stepping out of the ordinary. I zig when others zag. I challenge myself and my audience to try a new direction, to be more audacious, and to live (a little) on the edge.


Being easy to work with

You can’t go wrong by choosing to work with me. Why? Because you will always get a great product and tremendous value for your group. I hold myself and others to the highest standards.


Not boasting about your successes

Being so good that you can’t be ignored. Having self-confidence and being internally satisfied that you don’t need external recognition. It’s like having an internal celebration at all times – except you’re the only one invited.


Making a difference for others

Helping people change their lives by tapping into their inner genius. Allowing my audiences to wake up to their own power and have their lives forever changed. I invite you to live your best life and this will influence others to do the same.  

I’m on a mission



The Sunjay Experience Ratings

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Sunjay spoke at our FSAE 2022 Conference in Tampa. I've seen many guest speakers at these types of events. He is very engaging, funny, and informative. Much recommended!

Alexandria B Avatar Alexandria B
August 25, 2022

“Life is what you choose, chife is what you lose” - Sunjay Nath

Kush Patel Avatar Kush Patel
November 7, 2023

Saw Sunjay speak today. The way he talked about perceptions and the law of inertia really drove home the point of his 10-80-10 principle. I highly recommend having Sunjay for an event.

Sharon Sparkes Avatar Sharon Sparkes
October 21, 2023


“Challenges and influences groups to be better caretakers and stewards of our teams, environments, and lives.”

– Evan Frick, University of Michigan Health-West