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The other day I had a horrible headache and it was one of those days I couldn’t afford to have a headache. So, I didn’t hesitate to pop a couple of Aspirin. The headache cleared up quite quickly.

Unfortunately the Aspirin upset my stomach so I ventured out to the pharmacist and he recommended that I take some Gravol. It worked like a charm and I proceeded with my day. The side effect of the Gravol made me very sleepy; so sleepy that I felt it warranted a trip back to the pharmacist at which point Sudafed was the suggested solution to pep me up. The Sudafed worked, I was wide awake. In fact, it worked too well because it made my heart race to such a level that my doctor got involved.

After her examination she prescribed a beta blocker. I fulfilled my prescription and was on my
way to full recovery.

The only problem was the beta blocker lowered my exercise tolerance which on its own isn’t too bad but the lack of exercise threw me off my normal routine and it lead to a mild case of depression. So on a referral from my family doctor I visited a psychiatrist. After his examination he figured some Prozac would carry me through my bout of depression. Unfortunately, the Prozac gave me a headache. So I popped a couple of Asprin … We are a society that is obsessed with “fixing” the symptoms rather than examining the root cause of the problem. As it turns out, my headache was actually the cause of  dehydration and could have been easily remedied with a glass of water and I could have saved myself the headache of five drugs and three health providers. Until we can appreciate the causes of why we are where we are, we are destined to return and often in a worst state.

“It was the kind of experience which stays with you for a lifetime. I am still riding on the energy you have instilled in me since then.”

– Welsh Looky, Project Manager