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Say Less.

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The Sunjay Experience Ratings

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Was so thrilled to hear Sunjay Nath speak for the second time at our KIN District 8 Fall Leadership Conference today in Sudbury. The first time was 13 years ago in Niagara Falls. Engaging, entertaining, funny and thoroughly thought provoking. I highly recommend going to listen to Sunjay if you ever have the opportunity and if you ever need to have an amazing speaker at your company, school or event, ask Sunjay Nath. You will not be disappointed.👍👍👍

Deb Corpe Avatar Deb Corpe
November 25, 2022

Really enjoyed Sunjay's presentation for our Company. Productive, entertaining, and beneficial to our team. I definitely recommend him!!

L Kerr Avatar L Kerr
October 21, 2023

Sunjay is a hilarious speaker and is super good at cards! He is super entertaining and gets everyone involved at an event. He made my Sunday!

Lyla bourque Avatar Lyla bourque
May 21, 2023


“Three different dynamic presentations, one after the other. All three were terrific.”

– Bob Hepburn, Librarian