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Organizations and individuals are increasingly expected to achieve more with less money, time, and human capital. Motivational speaker Sunjay Nath has engaged hundreds of thousands of people on this issue since 1995. Sunjay will motivate and inspire your audience with his strength-based approach to leadership, improving performance and empowering organizations and individuals to achieve more with less time, effort, and resources.

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Student Motivational Speaking Programming

Are you searching for the ideal motivational speaker to engage, inspire, and entertain a youthful audience? Formerly a student leader himself, and an writer on the subject, Sunjay boasts two decades of experience connecting with students around the world.

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Musings from a Motivational Speaker


Randomness from a Motivational Speaker

“Fix the problem, not the blame.” Those words have stuck with me, years after a mentor shared them with me. It is true, we waste so much time and energy attempting to assign blame. How much further ahead would we be if we spent even a fraction of that energy on solving the problem? […]


Weekly Tip for Sept 20th, 2012: “Only you can change you.”

Only you can change you. You cannot change someone else, and someone else cannot change you. Change is an internal choice that starts with each individual. There’s an old joke that asks, “How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?” Answer: Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change. […]